San Diego 2010-Day 7 and 8

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Well, I don't think anyone is even reading this anymore. And I'm a little tired of posting about it, so let's wrap up the vacation today.

Day 7 (Bernardo Winery): Our last full day in San Diego was one of my favourites.

The day started, surprisingly, with the building of some Lego.
Then we took a drive to a theme park for parents.
We had lunch at the winery, sitting outside under the trees.
Took a stroll around the property.
There were all these cute little specialty shops.
Do I need to type "grapes" here?
Time for a bit of tasting. We chose one red and one white.
The boys wait patiently at a table outside.

Once we were done at the winery, we ended up back at the...
The ocean beach was pretty rough, so we walked 3 blocks over to the bay.

Since the winery was not very fun for the boys, we promised them McDonalds for dinner. We spent the evening finishing off the wine in our fridge, packing and fretting about how we would fit everything in.

Day 8: Home Again

The only reason I am including this day is because of how it ended. Here is the story.

We got up early and starting trying to pack the remainder of our stuff. It soon became clear that if we squeezed it all into the bags we had, we may end up with a few exploded zippers by the time we hit baggage claim in Calgary. So, Paul went out in search of cheap baggage, and came back with a duffel bag and a Birthday Starbucks for me. Nice!

We got to the airport early, grabbed some breakfast and dumped out the last of the Little One's milk from his sippy cup before going through security. (This detail will become important in a minute.) Then, we waited. And waited. The flight was late coming from Calgary. The older boys did a great job of chasing the Little One around the gate area, keeping all of them busy and wearing them out before the flight. Paul and I spent the time searching each and every vending machine and food kiosk for milk. There was none to be found. Finally, Paul asked someone, and they told him they haven't had milk in the airport for 3 days. What!?!?!?!? The only place that had milk was McDonalds, on the other side of security. You can see our problem, can't you?

Finally, the plane arrived, we got on, and, thankfully, the Little One fell asleep right after take-off.

Then, half an hour later, he woke up. That is when things got difficult. He wanted milk. He only wanted milk. No juice. No water. No cheerios. Nothing. Just milk. I knew from the flight down that these Westjet flights don't have fridges, so they don't carry milk. No big deal. Only two and a half hours to go with a screaming toddler who can't be consoled. The only way we could get him to calm down even a little was to let him stand between our seats. There were two business men behind us, one of whom had a laptop open on his lap for the entire flight. At one point, the Little One touched the computer, and the guy freaked out, telling Paul that he almost knocked it off his lap! Seriously? Anyway, I ignored the guy, the Little One continued the scream and fuss for the rest of the flight, and the two business men continued to complain about it.

Cut to us standing at baggage claim waiting for our luggage. A woman walks up to me and says "I just wanted to tell you that you have a lovely family." Huh? She went on the explain she had been on the flight with us, and that she remembered what it was like having small children, she had been there, and she hoped the guy with the laptop slipped on the ice outside the airport. Made my day!

After we had all our bags, Paul went to pick up our car, and I took the boys to Tim Horton's. We'd like some of those Canadian donuts, please. And of course, some milk.