We are a family of five who loves to travel! But we didn't realize how much fun it could be to travel with kids until our oldest boys were almost 4. Before that we were afraid to travel with them. All the stuff you have to take, all the planning, it is expensive, and what if one of them gets hurt, or lost, or... it is just too hard. As it turns out, traveling with kids is hard. But it is also rewarding, fun, wonderful and awesome. And it is always worth it.

One of the biggest worries we parents have about going anywhere with our children, and especially traveling to far off, unknown places where people may speak a different language than we do, is kids getting lost.

One of the things that many of us do before traveling is buy or borrow a travel book about our destination. Somehow, it just makes us feel a little more prepared for the adventure. And when traveling with kids, the more prepared you are, the better.

I am thinking about explosions of light and sound that dazzle and amaze almost everyone from young to old. On Canada Day, most years, after a long afternoon of outdoor fun, just after my kids are finally tucked into bed, asleep, and my husband and I are just dozing off, we hear the "pop, pop" in the distance. Fireworks!

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