We are a family of five who loves to travel! But we didn't realize how much fun it could be to travel with kids until our oldest boys were almost 4. Before that we were afraid to travel with them. All the stuff you have to take, all the planning, it is expensive, and what if one of them gets hurt, or lost, or... it is just too hard. As it turns out, traveling with kids is hard. But it is also rewarding, fun, wonderful and awesome. And it is always worth it.

Well, my friends, it was only 4 days but it felt like so much longer. We took the kids to Vancouver a couple of years ago for an extra-long weekend. I don't know what goes through my head when I plan a family trip. It always seems like a good idea at the time. Maybe I am imagining it with some fictional children who don't exist. You know, kids who like adventure, are excited about seeing new things... enjoy their family. For the record, that does not describe my children.





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