We are a family of five who loves to travel! But we didn't realize how much fun it could be to travel with kids until our oldest boys were almost 4. Before that we were afraid to travel with them. All the stuff you have to take, all the planning, it is expensive, and what if one of them gets hurt, or lost, or... it is just too hard. As it turns out, traveling with kids is hard. But it is also rewarding, fun, wonderful and awesome. And it is always worth it.


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Traveling with your family is exciting and fun. And it is challenging and stressful. One of the things that makes even the most seasoned traveler have second thoughts about a trip with kids is the plane ride. The longer the plane ride, the more nervous parents get. Getting on and off the plane, keeping kids entertained and busy while flying, trying not to disturb other passengers during the flight. (Yes, we actually do our best to keep our children from bothering child-free travelers. Although, I absolutely love it when lots of young, out of control kids sit around our family. Makes me breath a sigh of relief.)

One of the things my husband and I loved to do when traveling together was visit local wineries. Touring the vineyards and wine making facilities, sampling their products and purchasing one or two of our favourites to take home and enjoy later while reminiscing about our travels. What could be better than that?

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